Ilahinoor Workshop

Kiara Windrider explaining Ilahinoor and Evolutionary Changes




Ilahinoor Workshop



What is Ilahinoor?


Ilahinoor, or “divine light”, is a powerful new healing system that has been developing over the past couple years.

Drawing on a morphogenetic field developed through various initiatory practices from old Egypt, from the Sufi tradition, as well as from energetic transmissions received from the cetacean consciousness, it allows for the integration of the subconscious mind with the wisdom of the superconscious, thereby allowing the conscious self to express a deeper quality of divine possibilities in daily life.

The basic technique is learning to form a bridge between the limbic system, an area of the brain that is associated with the subconscious mind, and the areas of the brain that link with the higher self. Once this happens, the full creative capacity of the higher self can flow through our lives for the purposes of healing, embodying our divine purpose, and manifesting new realities.



What is this workshop covering?


  • Learn the history of Ilahinoor and Kiara Windrider


  • Synthesize and contextualize the current global transformation of consciousness


  • The cellular mind, feminine Christ Consciousness, and the I AM presence


  • Discover your gifts and discuss your roll in bringing about this planetary transformation


  • Inca inspired guided meditation for bridging the superconscious, ego consciousness, and subconscious.
            Kiara Windrider performing extended healing


  • Give/Receive Ilahinoor Transmission


  • Practice tuning into Ilahinoor field with self and other


  • Invoke Ilahinoor for group and global healing






What will be provided?


  • Organic Tea and Drinks


  • Copy of “Ilahinoor Awakening the Divine Human” Book


  • Organic Home cooked Dinner and Snacks


  • Access to a community of Ilahinoor students and teachers





                     Ilahinoor Community in Capitola, CA





Where and When?


  • Westport, Ma 


  • Date and Time to be Announced


  •  Course Price: $150 (All inclusive)




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