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What to expect in a Healing Session

Healing Session
Reiki, Santa Cruz Homeless Shelter.


For many of us, energy therapy is a new concept. We may have heard about Reiki from a friend of a friend, or saw it advertised on TV. You may have seen different energetic therapies advertised at the local yoga studio. There are many questions that arise when you start talking about “energy” and “healing.” This page is designed to answer some of the most common questions about energy healing. We will also discuss what can be expected in a healing session with David and Shannon.



What is Energy Therapy? 

Energy Therapy is an umbrella term for many different energetic healing techniques. Some of these techniques include:

  • Reiki
  • Ilahinoor
  • Deeksha
  • IET (Integrated Energy Therapy)
  • Chi Gong
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Healing Prayer



Where does the energy come from?

There are several sources for where energy is coming from depending on the therapy being used. Either you are using your own personal energy that can be built up through daily practice or you are plugging into an energy source beyond the physical body. Practices like Chi Gong and Tai Chi focus on cultivating and controlling the flow of energy in the body. Then a practitioner can use the accumulated energy to help restore others with low energy. The second category includes practices like Reiki, Ilahinoor, and IET. Here the practitioner in their training will be attuned to a field of energy. Attunement is a process facilitated by someone from the respective linage you wish to be initiated into. The teacher will perform a ritual that opens the students subtle body faculties (energy centers) to “conducting” an energetic frequency. Rather than drawing from their own energy, an unlimited well of energy passes through them healing both practitioner and client.



What is this Energy? 

There are many names for the energy that we are talking about here:

  • Chi
  • Qi
  • Ki
  • Prana
  • Mana
  • Life Force

They are all describing the same essential energy beyond the form of matter that gives life to all living organisms.




What is the Subtle Body? 


In order to understand how this life force energy works, we will briefly speak about the anatomy of the subtle body. From a purely physical perspective through the gross sense of sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste this energy is not easily perceived. The physical body and senses can be understood as the most condensed forms of energy. This example can be likened to a drop of water being frozen into ice. The next most subtle layer in the physical body is the electrical/magnetic body. It is through this system that nerves communicate. The heart has the strongest magnetic field in the body and can be measured to extend 8 feet outside the edge of our skin. The brain communicates through electrical circuits. The body has a grid of electrical powerlines (meridians) that have been well studied by numerous cultures. Some teachers liken this aspect of the body to a radio antenna. We can change the “station” in our body and the brain will signal to produce various chemical compounds to create the experience. All along our skin we have antenna like receptors constantly taking in sensory imput that is filtered through the brain. In fact our sense organs take in vibrational information from the environment and the brain converts it into sensory experience; sounds, sights, tastes, textures, and smells. The mind is a conversation of its own. It is most often associated with the brain, although it has no physical location. Some liken the mind to a be more like a “field,” that depending on our emotions/thoughts varies in its composition. Finally beyond body and mind is the sense of self. The one who is looking out and experiencing the world. It is easy to identify as the body and mind, although in reality our sense of self exists totally independent of these faculties. Through meditation one can have this experience directly.



How does Energy Flow?

flow of human energy | 200mAction: 3-6-9-12 Micro to Massive


We will use Prana to describe the flow of energy in this section. As we described earlier in the subtle body section their are less dense aspects of our body that are not necessarily available to us through our 5 primary senses. Just as you do not always see electricity, it is apparent by the effect on the physical world, that it is there. Prana, is similar in this way. It is a force more subtle than electricity/magnetism that is essential to health and all life. As blood flows through veins, so too does Prana flow through meridians (in the way electricity flows through power lines). This Prana nourishes the body on the most fundamental level. The more Prana that is flowing through our bodies, the healthier we are in body and mind.




How does a Energy Healer “Channel”? 

The same way that a copper rod transfers electricity. The same way that a radio station, when set to the correct frequency, “channels” the radio station, and is played by the speakers. We can choose the channel that our bodies are tuned. We can choose how we react to our environment with low (fear) or high (love) vibration. To the degree that we identify with our thoughts, personality, body, likes/dislikes, determines our capacity to change the station. You may refer to this type of person as “close minded” or “stubborn,” even “naive” or “ignorant.” The less we identify with fixed limiting ideas and the more we accept the responsibility of choosing how we react, the greater our ability to choose our channel. Through meditation and self awareness one increasingly attunes to frequencies of love, compassion, and freedom. And yes Love is a measurable frequency! (Esther and Jerry Hicks: “Ask and it is Given” provide a very thorough explanation of this. A energy healer tunes into a very high frequency conducting it through their body and into the clients. Attunement then, is learning the radio station. There are many techniques that one can practices to bring more prana into their body. ex: Pranayama, Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga, and Meditation, to name a few.





What is stress energetically speaking?

Stress is a low vibration created when we are unwilling to accept a situation or respond in a loving manner. Our resistance creates a friction that feels uncomfortable and often times painful. The dissonance created from our resistance is like a radio set in between stations. We will often times develop an automatic reaction to certain experiences (a habitual reaction) that creates stress. ex: Your kids are misbehaving, someone is yelling in your face, you get fired from your job, someone steals your belongings. Unless we are fully present in the moment, we are acting out of habit. Not all reactions create stress. ex: We get a raise and celebrate, we fall in love, we go on vacation and relax. Notice in the examples there are certain experiences that are “easy” to react to in a positive way and others that are much more challenging. For most of us, it is easier to enjoy a vacation than someone yelling in our face. The reality is that your reaction, and not the experience, is what produces stress. The good news is that we have free will to choose how we react, and it is to everyone’s benefit that you choose love. Especially in situations where others would choose fear, hatred, jealousy, anger, etc. Choosing love first benefits you. Where there is love and acceptance, there is no stress. Second, it benefits the other person, because it may free them from their own suffering. If not that moment, month, or decade your choice of choosing love could change someones life. Energetically when you embody love the magnetic field of your heart changes. You begin radiating a vibrational harmony. If you are embodying love than you are already an energy healer! Remember, all stress is the result of false identification with the ego. That is to say, believing that you are this limited personality, in a body, and nothing more. Asking yourself questions like “Who am I?” or “What is this life experience really about?” can open your mind to new vistas.




Healing Session

What vibration are you tuning into in Energy Healing?   

There is a hierarchy of emotions (vibrations). The energy coming through an Energy Healer are different than emotions. This is where the line between energy and consciousness starts to blur. The energy transferred in a session is more than just a high vibration. It is a living energy field. In the west we don’t have an adequate cultural context for this experience. In a country like India, this is intricately woven into the cultural fabric of their daily life. Reiki is defined as Rei- Divinely guided and Ki – Life force energy. The energy in  Ilahinoor, IET, Prayer, and Reiki is more than “just” energy. These are intelligent, highly conscious, divinely guided, fields of energy. We start to run out of words to describe these aspects of life because they do not take form. Only through qualities can we describe their effect on us. Here we are asked to move beyond our individual experience of consciousness, which often times is a deeply mental egocentric perspective, and directly experience these fields of energy. This experience can feel like a deep connection with all that is, a serene peace or deep relaxation, an expansion of consciousness beyond the body, a dissolving of identity. It all depends on your openness to the experience.






What happens in a Healing Session?

The average healing session is 60 minutes long. Clients will fill out an intake form listing any specific areas that need attention. The intention is to gain a deeper understanding of the root cause of the present challenge. This could be physical pain, emotional distress, or spiritual crises depending on the client. The healing room is a comfortable temperature, peaceful music will be playing, and a massage table will be set up for the session. We provide noise cancellation headphones, eye cover, warm blankets, and essential oils (per request). Client will lay down on the massage table or sit back in zero gravity chair. (client choice) Practitioner will say a brief prayer asking that this session be for the best and highest good of the client. David and Shannon intuitively use various energetic healing modalities (Reiki/Ilahinoor/IET), essential oils, energy clearing techniques(Aura Clearing/Chakra Balancing), and crystals. Practitioners place hands lightly on different parts of the body (head, chest, legs, etc.) with the consent of client. *Hands DO NOT need to touch clients body* At the end of session client is allow ample time to slowly adjust back into the body and room. Water/tea is provided. Client is welcome to discuss experience, and practitioners may feel there is something important to share. Otherwise clients are encouraged to remain quiet and spend time out in nature (season permitting). The healing process may continue for many days after the session depending on openness of client. For this reason we ask that clients watch their dreams, as this is a common time for supernatural/spiritual experiences to surface. We also advice to drink plenty of fresh water and stay out of crowded busy areas if possible. *Some clients experience a detoxification after session which could manifest as headaches, emotions coming to surface, or other general discomforts* During the healing process suppressed emotions, toxins, or thoughts are able to release and often they are felt as they leave. Note that this this is a natural process. To learn more about this visit here. Other times clients will leave feeling deeply relaxed with a new perspective on their lives. Again, experience differs depending on client.


How do I book a Session? 

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