The Mission of Healing Within is to inspire our global family inward in the pursuit of creating peace, love, and oneness in cosmos. Through the sharing of self realization techniques from around the world, we wish to catalyze the awakening of inner communion with the higher self in all beings.



The collective consciousness of our planet is going through an evolution. We are beginning to redefine our collective identity here on planet earth. We are currently seeing the digestion of our former collective consciousness through collapsing social and political systems, the rejection of institutionalized supremacy, and all other fear based limited habitual ways of thinking. As these major governing collective belief systems continue to dissolve, we are witnessing the emergence of a new collective identity. This new collective identity honors the individual sovereign right to freely create in the pursuit of happiness. We are accepting our interconnected nature as communities throughout the world form with the common goal of sovereign freedom and the right to pursue truth. Individuals and groups worldwide are embracing the emergence of the Divine Feminine consciousness as our bridge back into the heart of our global body. We are being called to honor the spirit that permeates every atom throughout the universe. For too long have we denied the mother that gave birth to all of us. The ancient cultures throughout the cosmos have not forgotten, and will continue to guide us as we reconnect with our own inner divine nature as sovereign co-creators. We are not children anymore and must take responsibility for our creations. This is a deeply empowering responsibility. Now that we have accepted our new evolutionary responsibility we can call upon the divine faculties of our higher self to guide our creations for the benefit of all. Through presence in everything we choose to create, we become the masters of our reality. We are the Homo Luminous, unlimited, unconditionally loving, one with all.