“I have known Shannon and David for many years now, and am deeply touched by their caring compassionate presence, their dedication to all life on earth, and to their ability to bring the presence of divinity into everything they say and do. Shannon’s skills as a therapist come from an insightful awareness of her own multi-dimensional being. David’s skills as a landscaper and gardener stem from his own living relationship with the earth. They are both highly gifted healers, and have worked with a number of healing modalities including Ilahinoor and Reiki. More than techniques it is the wideness and openness of heart that allows healing energies to move,  inspiring and awakening a resonant core within each person they encounter. i am honored to call them my friends.”

Kiara Windrider, MFT, author of Gaia Luminous: Emergence of the New Earth, and Ilahinoor, Awakening the Divine Human.



“Shannon and David are a magnificent healing and teaching team!  Their energies are full of love, compassion and wisdom. I love receiving Reiki from them and recommend their classes and healing whole-heartedly!”

-Esther Frances, Interfaith Minister, a Singer/Songwriter, Eco-Astrologer, Santa Cruz, CA



“Shannon and David are such wise souls: insightful, spiritually generous and unfailingly kind. I have experienced how, through yoga, Reiki, Ilahinoor, and just  simple conversation, they radiate deep attention to the wellbeing of others and a true healing presence. I feel blessed to know them.”

-Rev. Kate Cress, Episcopal Priest, Somerset, MA



“One afternoon, David and Shannon came to my home and set up to offer me their healing hands.  I was exhausted, deeply and to the point of near depletion.  Several years of significant work and stress had reached into my adrenals and heart and I needed to begin to rebalance and heal.  This kind of exhaustion comes on slowly and almost surprisingly and by the time I realized the extent of it, I knew I needed help.  Shannon and David, spent a great amount of loving time with me, I laid back in their chair and relaxed into a full state of deep relaxation.  Every muscle and cell began to release tension and fear and worry.  The more they opened themselves the more that came through for my healing.  It was a significant and poignant experience, one I remember very well nearly two years later.  Often this type of healing is misunderstood.  We cannot “see it” and it is very subtle.  However, the ability to let go and deeply relax into the nervous system is exactly what will heal the adrenals, kidneys and heart.  In today’s world of nonstop stress, information, tension, fear and worry, we must all realize that to heal ourselves is the first and most important step in bringing harmony to the world.  If we are in a state of balance that will move out from us to affect others and thus, harmony in our own little sphere begins.  I highly recommend the healing hands of David and Shannon, how fortunate and blessed to have these divine beings working in tandem to heal, awaken and rebalance.  I miss them dearly here in California and know that where they go, they spread the light and love we all need.  All light. “  

-Denise Kirpal Lapides, E-RYT 500, Level II IKYTA, Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Santa Cruz, CA



“Experiencing Reiki with Shannon and David was extremely relaxing. They’re thoughtful & gentle approach was extremely nurturing. I felt very well supported by their presence & comforted by their warmth & energy. I am grateful for this collaborative healing offering that they provide.”

-Danny Golberg, Sound Healer, Painter Santa Cruz, CA



“I have been to Healing Within for numerous energy healing sessions, yoga classes and a healing attunement, performed by both David and Shannon. Dealing with stress and anxiety on a daily basis, it’s extremely important that I have a way to work through those issues in a holistic, natural way as I don’t believe in taking medication. I always feel so renewed and recharged after leaving a session. There is this beautiful energy between the both of them that reconnects me back to my true being to gain clarity and understanding of myself and my purpose. At Healing Within, they hold a sacred space for their clients, and you can feel it the minute you arrive. Knowing I have them as a resource for dealing with my stress and anxiety has been more than healing for me. Energy work and being in the presence of these beautiful Souls is all I have been needing to feel better!”
– Jess Angelone, Reiki Master, Askashic Record Reader, Peacewick, RI